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Terms & Conditon

1. Delivery of Customer Content:
The Client undertakes to promptly deliver all content, data, images, and other information, including trademarks, trade names, logos, and branding ("Customer Content") necessary for the successful completion of the Project.


2. Cooperation and Notification:

The Client acknowledges that timely cooperation is crucial for project completion. Any delays in delivering Customer Content or specification input must be promptly communicated to the Developer in writing. The Client agrees to provide a revised timetable upon notification of delays.


3. Developer's Responsibility:

The Developer is not liable for delays, missed milestones (if specified), or additional expenses arising from late or non-delivery of Customer Content or input essential for the Project.


4. License to Use Customer Content:

The Client grants the Developer a non-exclusive, revocable, royalty-free license to use and reproduce Customer Content solely for fulfilling obligations under this Agreement.


5. Restrictions on Client:

The Client agrees not to access, modify, or alter Developer Materials with the intent to create a separate website, license the Website to a third party, or diminish the Website's design and function without the Developer's prior written consent.


6. Power and Authority:

Both parties warrant that they possess full power and authority to enter into and perform this Agreement.


7. Developer's Warranty:

The Developer warrants that it will perform its obligations with reasonable skill, care, and diligence. The Client's use of Developer Materials will not infringe any third-party intellectual property rights.


8. Portfolio Display:

The Client grants the Developer the right to showcase the completed Website in their portfolio for advertising purposes to secure future work.


9. Hyperlink and Acknowledgment:

Upon acceptance of the Website, the Client agrees to procure and maintain a hyperlink from the Website homepage to the Developer's homepage, in the form of "developed by WDI" or a similar acknowledgement.

10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

This Agreement and any dispute or claim arising from it shall be interpreted, construed, and enforced in accordance with Indian law. The exclusive jurisdiction for any legal matters shall be the Pune, Maharashtra Courts.


11. Changes to Terms:
We reserve the right to update or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. It is your responsibility to review these terms periodically for changes.

By using our services, you agree to be bound by the most recent version of these Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at

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